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To get from her home to a friend's house, Georgia must go past a school, then a post office:

Signs tell Georgia that the distance she walks from home to the school is  mile, and the distance from the school to the post office is  mile.

The whole trip takes Georgia  minutes. If Georgia can walk a mile in  minutes, then how many miles is the distance from the post office to her friend's house?

 Jan 27, 2019

Umm...how long does it take Georgia to walk a whole trip? I don't think the Latex registered for the number of minutes. 

 Jan 27, 2019

But anyways, think of it this way. The whole trip takes her X minutes, from Home to Friend's House. Let's call the distance between the Post Office and Friend's House \(Y\). To walk (2+Y) miles, it takes her X minutes. 


If she can walk a mile in Z minutes, she can walk the distance from Home to Post Office in 2Z minutes. The time she takes to walk from Post Office to Friend's House is X - 2Z, which we will call A. To find the distance between PO and FH, we have (A minutes) * (1 mile / Z minutes). The minutes cancel out, giving us A miles / Z. Putting any values for A and Z will give us the answer for the distance from PO to FH. 


Hope this helps,

- PM

PartialMathematician  Jan 27, 2019

Your question is not complete. The numbers are missing.

 Jan 27, 2019

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