if the backyard width is 10m and the length is 25m but it has a pond in the middle of 27 meter squared whats the area of the lawn laugh and thx if you do help 

Silstar  Sep 6, 2017

The backyard looks something like this.....



The area of the lawn is just the area of the backyard minus the area of the pond .


area of lawn   =                    area of backyard                - area of pond


area of lawn   =   (backyard length) * (backyard width)  -  area of pond


Plug in the information given in the problem.


area of lawn   =   25 m  *  10 m  -  27 m2


area of lawn   =   250 m2  -  27 m2


area of lawn   =   223 m2          smiley

hectictar  Sep 6, 2017

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