Q1: 2l3x-1l+1>-7, l l is absolute value. How shouldi start, should i start with getting rid of "+1" first or the "2" in front of the absolute value 



Q2: This is confusing, should I wrtie with union or just write [-5,4)https://imgur.com/a/IsYDY

mrlevan3  Sep 7, 2017

Q1: I would first subtract one from both sides and then divide by 2, which should isolate the expression inside of the absolute value. 


Q2: The picture shows an open circle, which means that \((4,1)\), assuming the correct scale, is not apart of the solution set of whatever function was graphed. This means that \([5,4)\) is correct notation.

TheXSquaredFactor  Sep 8, 2017

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