two semicircles separate a circle into two regions. Two of the ends of the semicircles meet at the center of the circle, and the other ends lie on a diameter of the circle. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)



______6 mm



Find the length of the curve that separates the regions.

Find the area of the shaded region.
___________ mm2

 Sep 2, 2018

Do you have a picture to go with this description?

It doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

 Sep 2, 2018



ladiikeiii  Sep 2, 2018

The curve is just made of two identical semi circles.

Together they are the circumference of a circle with diameter 6mm.


Use the formula for the circumference of a circle.



The area of the shaded region is just half the area of the big circle.

Melody  Sep 3, 2018
edited by Melody  Sep 3, 2018
edited by Melody  Sep 3, 2018

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