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In the diagram below, M is the midpoint of AB. Find MN


 Oct 2, 2019

Does this problem require trigonometry? This is very hard problem!            This problem should use similar triangles i believe




MN = x with triangle AMN similar to triangle ABX


Triangle ANC is proportional to AXC?


So set up proportion




With y being length of NX



How do we go from here????






If M is the mid point, then can't we just do \(\frac{x}{14}=\frac{1}{2}\)


x = 7           So MN = 7??????

 Oct 3, 2019
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Maybe not as difficult as it seems.....


Note that angles XNC  and ANC  are equal

And angles ACN and XCN  are equal

And NC = NC


Therefore, by ASA, triangles ANC and XNC are congruent


Then  AN  = XN  =  5     ....so.... AX  = 10


So ....N is the midpoint of  AX


Then.......if we connect MN.......this segment is paralell  to  BX because  MN splits the sides of triangle  ABX proportionally....that is   AM/BM  = AN/XN 


So  because MN is parallel to BX, then  triangle  AMN  is similar to triangle ABX  which implies that


MN / BX  =  AN / AX


MN  / 14   =  5 / 10


MN /14  = 1/2


MN  = (1/2) (14)    = 7   as found by CU!!!


cool cool cool

 Oct 3, 2019
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XD my answer was luck!!

CalculatorUser  Oct 4, 2019
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