Find all real numbers x such that 3x - 7\(\le\) 5x + 9. Give your answer as an interval.

 Aug 25, 2018

Bringing x, and the numbers to one side, we get: \(-7-9\leq5x-3x=-16\leq2x\), so x is greater than or equal to -8. Try to see how you can form an interval.

[-8, infinity)

 Aug 25, 2018
edited by mathtoo  Aug 25, 2018

\( 3x - 7≤5x + 9\) is our equation, and we want to move all the variables to one side. We can simplify the equation to  \( -2x ≤ 16\). Then, we need to divide each side by \(-2\). Since we are dividing/multiplying the equation by a negative number, we need to flip the sign. By doing this, we get \(x ≥ -8\). Since the problem is asking for an interval, we can get \([-8, +∞]\). Please correct me if I made a mistake!


- Daisy

 Aug 25, 2018

it did not work

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