avatar Daniel stands on one side of a stream that is 400 feet wide. He wants to reach his campsite on the opposite side of the stream. The campsite is 1600 feet away from the point directly opposite where Daniel stands. He decides that he will swim to the boat ramp to get to the side of the stream the campsite is on, and then jog to the campsite. The angle formed by Daniel’s swim path and the shore at the boat ramp is 53°

1. Daniel can swim at an average rate of 150 feet per minute. How many minutes does it take him to swim to the boat ramp? Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

2. Daniel arrives at his campsite out of breath from his swim and jog. His sister tells him that he should have swam to the boat ramp that is only 200 feet from the campsite and then jogged. She claims that he would have arrived quicker this way. Is Daniel’s sister correct? Support your answer mathematically. Guest 0 mins ago

 Feb 2, 2020

The wording is ambiguous and not easy to follow.

Provide a diagram and you might get a response.

 Feb 2, 2020

this is what i make of this description


\(Cos53^\circ=\frac{400}{swim}\\ swim=\frac{400}{cos53^\circ}=664.66 feet\\ 664.66feet*\frac{1min}{150feet}=4.43 minutes\)


The swim takes 4.43 minutes


There is too much informaton missing to answer the second question.

For example:

How fast is the river flowing?

Is he swimming upstream or downstream?

How fast can he run and what is the terrain like?

Which of the 2 possibilities is the camp?



 Feb 2, 2020

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