Find a + b + c + e in degrees.


 Jun 12, 2020

ok so we can start off by noticing that the small triangle is similar to the larger triangle, and if triangle's are similar, the angle measures are the same.

so, a = 40 degrees


since the two sides are congruent, that means that angle c is equal to angle a, so angle c = 40 degrees


for angle b, we already know that the other 2 angles of the smaller triangle are both 40, so using the triangle theorem, we get 180-40-40= 100 degrees. so, b = 100 degrees.


lastly, angle e is part of a straight line with the other angle being 40 degrees. so angle e = 180-40=140 degrees


adding them all up becomes 40+40+100+140= 320 degrees

 Jun 13, 2020

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