The sum of the product and the sum of two positive integers is 454. Find the largest possible value of the product of their sum and their product.

Guest May 14, 2018

To write this out algebraically, we can assign variables to the two numbers. 


First number = x, Second number = y


The product of the two numbers is x*y or just xy


The sum of the two numbers is (x+y) 


The sum of the product and the sum of two positive integers can be expressed as: 


xy + x + y, and this is equal to 454, xy + x + y = 454 


We can solve for all values of x and y, we get: 


xy + x + y = 454


We add 1 to both sides so we can factor: 


xy + x + y + 1 = 455


Then we can factor:


x(y+1)+y+1 = 455


(y+1)(x+1) = 455 = 5 * 7 * 13


Their product is the largest only when x = 90 and y = 4 




Other pairs is not as big, for example, when x = 12 and y = 34




To answer your question, the largest possible value is 33840, 


I hope this helped,



GYanggg  May 14, 2018

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