Fifty students were surveyed about their participation in hockey and baseball. The results of the survey were:

 33 students played hockey

24  students played baseball

8  students played neither hockey nor baseball

How many of the students surveyed played both hockey and baseball?

 Jan 6, 2019

15 play both

 Jan 6, 2019

We know \(50-8=42\) students played at least one sport. Now, we see that \(33+24=57\), but there couldn't be 57 players with only 42 students! Therefore, some play both. In fact, \(57-42=15\) students played both.


You are very welcome!


 Jan 6, 2019

I suspect you may have wanted a Venn Diagram for this:


 Jan 6, 2019

We can set up an equation: \((33-x)+(24-x)+x+8=50\) . Solving, we get \(57-x+8=50, 57-x=42\)\(\) , so   \(\boxed{x=15}.\)

 Jan 6, 2019

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