NotSoSmart  Oct 10, 2017

y = 2x - 8     rearrange as     2x - y  = 8

2x - y  = 8


Note that these equations are exactly the same.....anytime we have that, NSS, we will have infinite solutions....!!!  [dependent ]



-2x  - y  = 1      multiply through by 2  →   -4x - 2y  =  2

-4x - 2y  = -1


Note, NSS.......when one equation equals one thing and the same equation equals something else, we will have no solutions.......


Think about this......if I add or subtract two quantities....I get some result

So.....if I add or subtract the same two quantites....it will be impossible to get something different from the first result.....!!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Oct 10, 2017
edited by CPhill  Oct 10, 2017

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