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shon tried to drink a slushy as fast as he could. he drank the slushy at a constant rate. there were originally 275 milliliters of slushy in 13 seconds, 210 milliliters remained

how fast did shon drink the slushy? 

how long did it take him to drink all the slushy?

 Oct 25, 2018

the answer to your first question is that he drank it at 5 milliliters per sec. 

and the answer to your final question it will take him 42 seconds to drink all the slushy and a big brain freeze 

 Oct 25, 2018

Thanks, DC  !!!


Here's the way  DC arrived at  the answer


He drank   [ 275 - 210 ]  = 65 mL


To find the rate he drinks per second :      65   / 13    =  5 mL  per second


To find out how long it took him to drink all the slushy.....   275  / 5      =    55  seconds to drink it all


And   55 - 13  = 42 seconds to drink the remaining amount




cool cool cool

 Oct 25, 2018

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