The expression P(z<1.45) represents the area under the standard Normal curve below the given value of Z. 

What is P(z<1.45) ? 

A. 0.0735

b. 0.0749



 Apr 3, 2019

I'm just curious. 


This is about the most basic thing you can do when learning statistics.  Use the z-score table to 

look up the associated probability. 


Did no one show you how to do this?  Do you not have a table available? (hint they are all over the web)


Do you not care at all that you don't learn how to do this?  How's that going to work on a test?


Here's a table.  http://www.z-table.com/uploads/2/1/7/9/21795380/9340559_orig.png


When using one that only has the negative side you just remember that


P[z] = 1-P[-z] so

P[1.45] = 1 - P[-1.45]


and you use the table to look up P[-1.45]


good luck

 Apr 3, 2019

Hi Rom,

In Beccca's defence, this is often not explained well. 

Plus people with very little maths ability are expected to work this out.


Maybe watching a couple of videos might help you understand Beccca.


Here is an early one.




Watchi it and see if it helps you understand.  It leads to other more advanced ones too.

 Apr 3, 2019

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