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The formula below shows the relationship between the volume (𝑉), in cubic centimeters, of a cylinder and the radius (𝑟) and height (h), in centimeters, of the cylinder.

𝑽 = 𝝅*𝒓^𝟐*h

The formula below shows the relationship between the diameter (𝑑), in centimeters, of the circular base of the cylinder, and the radius, in centimeters, of the base.

𝒅 = 𝟐r

PART 1 Express the volume of the cylinder in terms of its diameter and height.



V = 𝝅(d /2)^𝟐*h   =  [ 𝝅(d)^𝟐*h ] / 4




PART 2 Using the equation in Part 1, write the formula in terms of h.



𝑽 = 𝝅*𝒓^𝟐*h           divide both sides by  𝝅*𝒓^𝟐


𝑽 / [𝝅*𝒓^𝟐]  = h



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