It was Mrs. Johnson's birthday, and she made her favorite homemade cookies to share with the
"I hope you all enjoy my homemade cereal crunch cookies. I used a mixture of different
cereals to make this. Unique!" says Mrs. Johnson as she saw Joshua raise his hand. "But don't
worry! They are all nut free."
The class LOVED them. In no time at all the class ate five-sixths of the cookies.
Mrs. Johnson," said Hannah, "you need to do OUR tradition. While we sing happy birthday, you
need to eat as many cookies as you can."
As the class began to sign, that is just what Mrs. Johnson did. And she was good at it! She ate
three-fourths of the cookies that were left. In case you are curious, that was equal to 3 cookies!
How many cookies did Mrs. Johnson bring to class that day?

 Jul 7, 2022

The number of cookies  before Mrs. Johnson ate any =  (3)*(4/3)  = 4


The number of cookies  before the class ate any =  4 / (1/6)  = 24  = what Mrs. Johnson brought




24  (5/6)  =  20   what the class ate


4 left


4( 3/4)  = 3 what Mrs. Johnson ate



cool cool cool

 Jul 7, 2022
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