Benjamin had 66 more red cards than blue cards at first. He gave away an equal number of red cards and blue cards. He now had twice as many red cards as blue cards. How many blue cards did Benjamin have at first?

 Aug 23, 2021

At the beginning he had 66 blue + whatever number of blue ones that he gives away.


Let B be the number of Blue at the beginning

So initially he has B blue and  B+66 red

he gives away k of each so now he has

Blue:  (B-k)     and    Red:  B+66-k = (B-k)+66

We are told that he now has twice as many red so   B-k must equal 66

So    B=66+k

So he starts out with 66 blue plus the number of blue that he gives away.




if he gives away 5 of each then he starts with 66+5 blue and  132+5 red

if he gives away 20 of each then he starts with 66+20 blue and  132+20 red

 Aug 26, 2021

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