The perimeter of a rectangle is 24 inches. What is the number of square inches in the maximum possible area for this rectangle?

 Jul 1, 2018

So we know the maximum of the length and height of the rectangle can only be 11 since when you add them together you get 22 the other sides would be 1. But that's not the maximum for the area.


  • 11*1=11
  • 10*2=20
  • 9*3=27



So in the end it would be 27.

 Jul 1, 2018

Technically, a square is a rectangle with 4 equal sides. So, if you accept this, then:

24/4 =6 inches -each side of the square(rectangle).

Area of square =6^2 =36 inches^2. Maximum possible area with a perimeter of 24 inches.


However, if you insist on having a true! rectangle, then the dimensions would be: 7 and 5, which will give you a perimeter of 24 but an area =7 x 5 = 35 inches^2.

 Jul 1, 2018
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