Our badminton team has finished $75\%$ of its season. So far, we have won $45\%$ of the games we played. What percent of the remainder of our games must we win in order to finish the season with the same number of wins as losses?

 Aug 22, 2023

Since 75% of the season has been completed, 25% of the season remains. Thus, we have 25 games left to play.

We must win 55% of the remaining games in order to have a 50-50 win-loss record. To find this, we convert the percentage to a decimal and divide by 4: 55%=55/100​=11/20​. So, we must win 44%​ of the remainder of our games in order to finish with a 50-50 win-loss record.

 Aug 22, 2023

Let G be the total  number of  games   you  play

Let .75 G be the number of  games  you  have played

Let . 45 (.75)G be the number of  games  you  have won

Let .25G be the games  left

Let  .50G = the number of  wins  you  must have

And number of wins you  need - Number of  wins  you  have =  No. of  wins you need in  your remaining  schedule




[ No. of wins you  need - No, of  wins you have  ] / [ No. of Games Left ]


[ .50G - .45 (.75)G ] /  .25G  =


(.1625 G )  / ( .25G) =  .65    (you need to  win  65%  of your remaining  games )



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 Aug 22, 2023

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