To prepare for the fun picnic, Bob's recipe needs 1/6 cup of sugar and 1/3 cup of flour. How many cups in all does Bob need for the recipe?

Guest Feb 27, 2017

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1/2 cup of both flour and sugar.

in order to add fractions one must first find the least common denominator(LCD) (in this case both 3 and 6 go into 6 so the LCD is 3)

1/3 * 2/2= 2/6                  we multiply by 2/2 because the fraction=1 thus the value of the fraction remains the same

1/6 *1/1=1/6


2/6+1/6=3/6  we then simplify 3/6 into 1/2


so 1/2 cups in total

brkr19  Feb 27, 2017

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