hey everyone,how are you all?


its been a long time........i just came so that you guys dont think im dead.my spirit is not leaving the world so soon......lol......


hows everyone?



im thinking to write my "lets end the dya with a laugh"



what do you think about that?









rosala  Feb 19, 2016

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Hi Rosala!!!

Are you positively sure you're not a zombie?

Ooh! I loved those! 

Coldplay  Feb 19, 2016

Hi Rosala,

It is really good to see you again :)


I really like that take on India's flag :)

Melody  Feb 19, 2016
edited by Melody  Feb 19, 2016

coldplay...i dont know about being a zombie...but im definitely sure im a vampire.......what do you think about that hun? laugh



its good to be here too melody. my exams are starting so idk if this would be often. i just thought to make a post so that im not declared dead and someone else comes and take Camelot coz....it it MINE!!!! and will always be.....hehe



thanks melody....i really worked heard to get it.....lol

rosala  Feb 19, 2016

Hey Rosala, welcome back!


still haven't forgiven me after I forgot your bday?


look, I made it even, I revealed my bday the day AFTER mine, and barely anyone celebrated, so we cool now? Even?

TitaniumRome  Feb 19, 2016

Wow,,i am so dumb!!!



i didnt even remeber that i was ever mad at you...i have no idea about getting mad at you not wishing.....seriously....



its ok!do you think im such a monstrous witch to remeber that till now?bro, ive got all to think about...i cnat keep this in my head till the day i die.....



anyways....HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY,,,,,dear ......enemy or friend......



i hope it went AWESOME



how are you now ? (how much ever, youll still be my junior HAHAHAHA)





heres your gift...my two favorite things...now yours!!laugh





rosala  Feb 19, 2016

Thank you thank you


if went well, but at the same time it went c**p, cuz now I'm one year closer to paying bills 😂😂😂😂


anyways, there's still some cake from my bday (melody took some of the cake and ate it herself, so did some of the other people)


now or have some of mine 


TitaniumRome  Feb 19, 2016

thanks for the cake........i really wanted to have some...........soon a disease called "exams" is going to take over me..they say , this disease somes to people who are great and are soon to get a throne, as you know how great i am , and soon ill be getting Camelot , so due to these , this disease is coming over me....its sad you cant suffer from it............dont be sad....we all have those days.....laugh



dont worry...ill give you a nice job in my empire.......as respectable as a dishwasher ......laugh

rosala  Feb 19, 2016

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