Hey Guys, Its Arya here, anyways, I might have a lot of math questions because I'm in math class this semester, not a lot of people get into math class! Anyways, I heard the world is supposed to end tomorrow, I heard it was just a lie! Im a catholic, so tomorrow I guess Jesus is coming back, but I dont think it will end!!!

Arya_Lynn  Sep 22, 2017


Well....look at the positive side of things....if the world ends tomorrow.....you won't have to worry about those math problems.....!!!!   smiley smiley smiley





cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 22, 2017

But life will be so short for people

Arya_Lynn  Sep 22, 2017

lol if the rapture happens tomorrow im ready

penquino21  Sep 22, 2017

it wont happen xD xD u guys just need to relax xD these predictions have been proven to be false many times, we will all be fine!! just sit back, relax, and wait for footbal in 2 days!

TitaniumRome  Sep 23, 2017

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