In the figure, QUAD is a quadrilateral. QUAD is “enclosed” by the rectangle RECT. This means that each vertex of QUAD is on a side of rectangle RECT. Segment QA is parallel to two of the sides of the rectangle. The length of QA is 18 and the length of EC is 13. What is the area of QUAD?

 Jan 13, 2021



Put the points clockwise as   T Q R U E A C D


Start with the rectangle:

Where  TREC is the rectangle, and the other points are added on the sides afterwards


How do  Q and A need to be placed to make the description work?  


See if you can upload your picture.

Come back if this does not click with you.  Discuss what you have done.

 Jan 13, 2021

Rectangle Rect with 18 length is split into 2.775 and 15.225 (vertex where quad QUAD touches it on horizontal line)

Rectangle Rect with 13 breadth is split into 6.5 and 6.5 (vertex where quad QUAD touches it on vertical lines)

 Jan 21, 2021

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