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Suppose we have a bag with 10 slips of paper in it. Eight of these have a 3 on them and the other two have a 9 on them.

a) What is the expected value of the number shown if we add one additional 9 to the bag?

b) What is the expected value of the number shown if we add two additional 9's (instead of just one) to the bag?

As I said, thank you all so much! 

 Mar 8, 2020
 Mar 8, 2020

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Thanks CalculatorUser for your answer. I like answers like this.

JAFN   (just another failure not)  take a look at the video and see if it helps. 

Think deeply (with a pen in your hand) about what the video has tried to teach you.

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Melody  Mar 8, 2020

ahhh . . . sorry about the name! I suppose I can't change it now. Oops. 
First, @CalculatorUser thank you for recommending a video. I will try to work the problems. Also, Melody, I have not watched the video yet (I'm at school) but after I do, I will make sure to update you both. Thank you for helping me!
I'm sorry for the username (to be fair, I was argu-talking with my parents) and I will follow both your advice.

Again, thank you :)

 Mar 9, 2020


That is exactly the kind of response that we want from people.   laugh

Melody  Mar 9, 2020

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