Yes, yes, yes. Before anyone says "What happened to Daily Dose?" Well l can just say it's getting another reboot soon enough. Also if people want it to continue l wanna have some discussion sparked, that's its main purpose.


Anyways that's not what l wanted to discuss today. The end of school years all over the world are occuring or may have already occured. How's everyone feeling about this? l know it's a great relief to myself, l can start to focus on more important things than memorizing a barrage of equations only to be swiftly ambiguated in my mind.


Anyone have any epiphanies? l sure did. Now instead of relaxing for my summer, l must be hard at work. For what you may ask. Simply put, l've been a fool. A fool who centered the world around himself. l must apologize now, as it is up to the people l hurt to forgive, they are the only means of advancing myself as a human. 


(Daily Dose is coming back soon, just a bit revamped.)

HighSchoolCalculus  Jun 8, 2017

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I'm also relieved for the end of the school year!

hectictar  Jun 8, 2017

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