Hi! I'm new here, so would someone please show me how this place works, please?blush

i don't know what I'm doing on this website. I wanted to check it out.laugh

 Jan 26, 2019

BTW, my favorite season is winter and I like potatoes because they are cool.

That's why my username is WINTER POTATO!

 Jan 26, 2019

Hello and welcome, WinterPotato!


I'm so glad that you checked out this website. Hope you like it so far! :)


You can post here on the forum page if you have any math questions, or simply if you just want to talk to people, like right now! 

You can also interact with people here to especially help you with homework, and/or concepts that you don't understand. A lot of the people here are so friendly and nice! Oh, and also, if you want, you can help others by answering their questions too!! 


Hope you get to love this website,




p.s. I started here pretty recently, but I've fallen in love with this website! 


p.s.s Also wonderful username. 

noobieatmath  Jan 26, 2019

i also joined recently and i love this website! you can ask questions for help, and even reply and help others. If you go to the forum page, you can see and/or filter unanswered or answered questions.


People are very quick at answering problems, so don't be afraid to ask a math question/concept you don't understand!



 Jan 26, 2019

Thanks to both of you! I hope I will like this website, too!

 Jan 31, 2019

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