Hi, I've been stuck on these two questions. If you could help, that would be lovely, thanks! :)

1. What is the volume of the sphere?

options: 8 (pie symbol)

            16 (pie symbol)

            27 (pie symbol)

            36 (pie symbol)

2. A globe has a diameter of 22 in. What is the best approximation for the volume of this globe?


Options: 14,197.33in^3




Guest Feb 16, 2017

The Volume of a sphere is 


\(\boxed{V=\frac{4}{3}\pi r^3\quad units^3}\)


You could have found this on our Formulary page or by doing an internet search.


Now you should be able to do at least your first question. :)

Melody  Feb 16, 2017

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