dOES it mean Division Multipluction my lesson dosent tell me! 


Like hears one of my Problems 


37 .  0? 




25  .  25=? 


I'm thinking it means Multiplucation




 Jul 4, 2019

There are three way's you can show multiplication 


1. put a multiplication symbol down (30 X 30) 


2. Put a dot in between both number's(30 . 30) NOTE: you proably know the dot is suppose to be in the middle I jsut can't find the function for that. 


3.Put the number's next to one another 30(30) 


and all of these method's will equal the same product.

 Jul 4, 2019


HiylinLink, regarding your "the dot is suppose to be in the middle I jsut can't find the function for that" 


Here's one way to do it.  You have to be using a real computer, though, not a smartphone. 


Turn on the numeric keypad.  You're going to use numbers, but the numbers across the top won't work.


Locate your cursor at the point where you want to insert the dot. 


Press and hold the Alt key.  On the keypad, type 0149 then release the Alt key. 


Some other characters you can make the same way are found at http://www.dtp-aus.com/ext_set.htm 


Guest Jul 4, 2019

Thanks for the tip guest yep I don't use a smart phone and I can't acess that site "parental controls" but thanks I will try that...

HiylinLink  Jul 4, 2019

The dot means multiplication.


They have changed mathematics to have the dot instead of the x to signify multiplication because by the time you get to algebra your problems will have variables which are x, y, and z. So to no confuse the person solving they use a dot instead of an x so that no one thinks its a variable.


Hope this Helps ;P

 Jul 4, 2019
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Nickolas  Jul 4, 2019

ANOTHER method to indicate multiplication:


3 * 3   =   3 x 3  = 3 . 3  =  3(3)  

 Jul 4, 2019

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