Horrible app rate it 1/10. People are mean to me when they are answering my questions, and there is a certain limit to how many questions and answers guests can create. You can't ask anymore questions when you post a lot of questions, which is bad. Pls fix this, and I'll rate it 1/10.

I can't register cuz i have to use gmail and I don't have a gmail. Please fix this. I can't edit or delete my posts too. FIX THIS QUICK.

 Apr 26, 2021

Well when you power off then you can ask more questions when it says you can't post anymore questions, you can power off again.


sorry if this did not help

 Apr 26, 2021

Apparently I can't delete this post because I accidentally replied to the answer and not the question, so nothing to see here :)

NotGuest  Apr 26, 2021
edited by NotGuest  Apr 26, 2021

People being rude to you isn't a valid reason for not liking the app. It's the person's fault if they write something mean, but you can make a post about it asking a moderator to ask whoever is being mean to stop. A moderator will most likely reply, as there is usually one or two online. About the gmail thing, pretty much every single website/app asks you to give an email address because they send notifications to your phone/computer when things happen. Making a gmail account isn't too hard either, I have a couple myself. All you have to do is give your name and maybe your phone number and you will be able to have a gmail account. I would suggest you make one if you use lots of sites like this one where you usually have to give an email address. I don't know about the not being able to edit/delete your posts, but I'm pretty sure the site won't be able to tell who made which post if you're a guest. There are tons of guests making posts, and if you don't have an account, you won't be able to edit them because they are all probably being registered to one user called "Guest". The site won't be able to differ between you and another guest.


The fix to all of your problems would just be to get an account in my opinion :/

 Apr 26, 2021

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