How bad are your math grades?

I personlly think that everyone of your grades are amazing if you know that much. Enough to be sble to answer other peoples questions. My grades are terrible which is why I think this website will help alot. 

And now for a riddle...

What has four fingers and a thumb but is not living...?

Guest Apr 19, 2017

Answer is a glove.


I know its soo hard...

I took four hours trying to figure it out then i did and i was like OMG!! REALLY?!

Guest Apr 19, 2017

My granddaughter says it is a skeleton :)

Melody  Apr 19, 2017

Ehh, my grade is okay. I have a C in Geometry. I'm good at it, but I just think it's really boring! frownfrownfrownfrownfrown


By the way, noice riddle, dude! coolcoolcoolcoolcool

iiVoidRavenZ  Apr 20, 2017
edited by iiVoidRavenZ  Apr 20, 2017
edited by iiVoidRavenZ  Apr 20, 2017

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