How do u remember the difference between mean,medium,mode, and range?

Guest Feb 27, 2017

Mean (Average)  =  sum the values and divide by the number of values


Median =  for an odd number of values, take the middle one

                 for an even number of values......take the average of the middle two


Mode = The value that occurs the most frequently.....note.....there may or may not be a value that occurs most frequently......


Range =  The difference between the highest value and the lowest value in a data set




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CPhill  Feb 27, 2017

in order to differentiate between them and remeber the difference

mean: the average, this one you can remeber because its mean it makes you do more math

median: median of a road is the middle, so the median is the middle

mode: a mode is a way of something, so if there are way too many of one number, its the mode

range: you can think of it this way, the range of a crocodiles mouth is from the groud to here. or the data ranges from (lets just say)(-12,42)

brkr19  Feb 27, 2017

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