how do you do tables for slope because I need it for summer school

Guest Jun 14, 2017

A slope is  a constant rate of change for a linear function. Usually you can find the slope by the following formula: Slope= (Delta y/Delta x).  To put a slope in a table you should have 2 colums x and y. The rows of the table represent data from the graph at point x and y. It will look like this:


Graph        y  

                  6       /

                  4     /

                  2   /

                  0  1 2 3 4 5   x


                                 x                                    y

Row 1                       1                                   2

Row 2                       2                                   4 

Row 3                       3                                   6

Row etc..


The table can be short or long depending on the information given and the instructions.


To calculate the slope use the formula, which will give you: (6-2)/(3-1)= 4/2= 2

This is a very general explanation, if you have an excercise it would be easier to explain it in more detail :). 

Guest Jun 14, 2017

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