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Find all unknown angle measures in the pair of similar triangles. Note that the triangles are not drawn to scale.

In triangle A B C, the angles are labeled as follows: A, unlabeled; B, 85 degrees; C, 30 degrees. Angle B is marked with two arcs and angle C is marked with one arc. In triangle N M P, angle M is marked with two arcs and angle P is marked with one arc.

30 degrees30°

85 degrees85°

Enter the missing angle measures below.

mangle∠Aequals= ___ degrees°

mangle∠Mequals= ___ degrees°

mangle∠Nequals= ___ degrees°

mangle∠Pequals= ___ degrees

 Nov 29, 2017


Similar triangles have equal corresponding angles...so....


 Δ ABC  is similar to  Δ NMP


Angle A  = Angle N  =  180  - 30 - 85  = 65° 

Angle M  = Angle B  = 85°

Angle P  = Angle C  = 30°



cool cool cool

 Nov 29, 2017

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