how do you get the -1 in sin cos and tan?
I'm trying to find the angle of a right triangle using the hypotenuse and opposite. 
I'm looking at tutorials and stuff cause they help me understand more than school and it's telling me to do Sin(^-1) x 0.5 =30 And I'm trying it out to see if i can and I'm getting completely different answers on my calculator.

Guest Apr 18, 2017

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It depends on what calculator you're using. Some have a ^ button but the calculator itself is not programmed for doing inverse trig functions. Check your calculator

Guest Apr 18, 2017

On the calculator here, press "2nd" key first. You should see "asin", "acos" and "atan". These are the inverse functions of: sin, cos and tan.

Guest Apr 18, 2017
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Make sure you check if the calculator is in "radians" or "degrees" Inverse functions i think are in degrees.

Veteran Apr 18, 2017

Thank you!!

Guest Apr 18, 2017

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