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How many rows of Pascal's Triangle contain the number 43?

 Mar 8, 2018

Sorry about that!!.

 Mar 8, 2018
edited by Guest  Mar 8, 2018

I believe just one.....there are two instances of   43  in   (wait for it)....Row 43 !!!


Note that 43 does not appear in any of the first 9 rows


And  in Row 10  ....C(10,2)  =   45.... and this is the smallest number in the triangle from this point forward   [ except for the elements  C(n,0), C(n,1), C(n-1, n), C (n, n) ]  that appear on each row from row  11  to row 42.....all these elements  will be < 43......and 43 will not appear in any row after row 43



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 Mar 8, 2018

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