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A dollar bill is 6.14 inches long. If you laid ten million dollar bills end-to-end (to clarify, two dollar bills laid end-to-end total 12.28 inches in length), how many times around Cincinnati's I-275 loop would the line of bills reach? The I-275 highway loop is approximately 84 miles long. Round the answer to one decimal place. 

 Feb 2, 2019

\(10^7 \cdot 6.14 = 6.14 \times 10^7~in\\ I275 = 84\cdot 5280 \cdot 12 = 5322240 ~in\\ \dfrac{6.14\times 10^7~in}{5322240~in}= 11.5365\)

 Feb 2, 2019

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