In the past days, I have been having serious trouble sleeping.


I would finish my homework, go to my bed with the usual routine.


But however, with stress and frustration, it takes around two hours for me to fall asleep. I usually wake up LITERALLY *dead*


I worry about things and imagine things that I would be scared to happen, and yet I feel like my muscles are paralyzed, I can't close my eyes.





Reality seems like the same quality of my dreams!!! Is that normal angry?


I sometimes have trouble knowing if I had even slept AT ALL! Its so weird during the afternoon I would want to faint but during the morning I feel like I can run a mile...





I have heard that sleeping patterns like these can cause sleep paralysis, which is something I am deathly scared of.

 Sep 5, 2019

Hey, I can totally relate! 

Maybe start doing your work kind of earlier, or get a head start in school?

but also someone once told me 

"A little concern is good, but do not allow that concern to turn into stress" 

But a little tip from me would be to just before you go to sleep, close your eyes for 5 minutes and think about something you really care about, something that happened to you that made you happy on that day (even the smallest things) and go to sleep feeling happy (trust me it works lol and i used to have THE worst sleeping schedule, I would like go to sleep at 3:00 sometimes because i could not sleep or i had lots of stress and work to do) 

:) please don't stress anything, because both you and I know that you try your best and you will do great! so don't let that get into the way of your sleep!! 

 Sep 5, 2019

I can relate too! Another thing that might help is using a bedtime calculator like https://sleepyti.me/ People have 90 minute sleep patterns and this website can tell you when to sleep if you want to wake up at a given time. It goes up to about 3:00 am or later for times so it's pretty useful. Maybe this is the placebo effect but it helps me a lot. Also if you feel extremely unwell go see a doctor or specialist! Take care of yourself! Hope this helped :D 

 Sep 5, 2019

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