how the f**k is 561.3-.874 560.426?? i got 560.574 and i am so tired please help

Guest Mar 8, 2017
edited by Guest  Mar 8, 2017

It just is.....if that is supposed to be yr final answer then round to 560.6 (I guess) 


some advice: sometimes I just give up and do it during school. I'm in eighth grade...I'm almost certain yr older than me 😅 So u should also be smarter 

sry i prob didn't help much


if it makes u feel any better I took a nap after school and woke up with my mom telling me to get up I look at the clock and it says 6:40, which is usually the time in the morning when I get up for school. (Private school) I am freak out and start looking for my uniform, FORGETTING THAT I HAD ALREADY GONE TO SCHOOL EARLIER TODAY. My mom is telling me to do my hw, and I thought I had fallen asleep w/out doing my hw so I rushed and did my hw, while screaming at my mom, where is my uniform over and over. She just gave me a weird look. Let's just say I was VERY tired.

Guest Mar 8, 2017

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