how to enter negative cos

Guest Apr 12, 2017

inverse cos is the same as arc cos


so just type      acos(number)=

Melody  Apr 12, 2017

Thanks Melody!

The way to find the acos key is by first pressing "2nd" on top left. If you see 2 acos take the leftmost as I suppose the other is acosh.


I had the same problem and thought the fine print -1 on cos key meant to long press (browsing on a phone that seemed logical). Then I started looking for a shift key and find some arrows down to the right but no luck there either. After reading this answer I stopped looking for -1 symbols and found that "2nd" was the shift key. It would have helped if it was a different colour.


Or just typing on keyboard and ignoring the keys altogether. 🐒


Best regards, Another Guest

Guest Apr 12, 2017
edited by Guest  Apr 12, 2017

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