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If A is the sum of the positive divisors of 500, what is the sum of the distinct prime divisors of A?

 Oct 30, 2019

Why do you need urgent help. Are you in an exam?

 Oct 31, 2019

BRUTE FORCE YA YEET divisors of 500, lets list them


1 and 500

2 and 250

4 and 125

5 and 100

10 and 50

20 and 25

we get 25 and 20 next, which means that its just a repeated list, so the numbers above are the positive divisors.


Lets add them now.


1+2+4+5+10+20+500+250+125+100+50+25 = 1092


Lets prime factorize 1092




4 * 273


2* 21 * 13


22 * 7 * 3 * 13




so the distinct prime divisors are 2 + 7 + 3 + 13 = 25

CalculatorUser  Oct 31, 2019

also Melody, I think this is AOPS homework for him or something. And he wants to get his homework question right.


My opinion is that its not really urget, because on AOPS, if you don't know how to solve a problem they explain to you and try to get you to learn.

CalculatorUser  Oct 31, 2019

I think there are only 2 reasons why people would use the word 'urgent' it their titile.


1) They are cheating and need the answer very quickly. (in an exam or tomorrows homework etc)


2) They think they are more important than everyone else and should get priority.


Most times it is probably both of those put together.

Melody  Oct 31, 2019
edited by Melody  Oct 31, 2019

yeah, and some of these include but not limited to:


-help please

-help due tommorow


-triangles help

-alegebra help

-urgent due tommrow

-urgent answer asap

-asap urgent


I myself had used the word 'urgent' before, but it wasn't for math, it was for other reasons.. lol.

CalculatorUser  Oct 31, 2019

i agree with CU and Melody!! 

but i used the word URGENT before too lol but it was for math,,,,i wasn't looking for any answers tho D: i was just asking a question that was on a practice worksheet i printed out for extra practice ( and turns out my answer was right, and the answer key was wrong ) 

Nirvana  Oct 31, 2019
edited by Nirvana  Oct 31, 2019

Yes I suppose there is an ettique to foruming that is slowly learned. 


But I think people need to learn to use words and phrases like 'please' and 'thank you' 


'Thanks but I do not understand this bit of your answer .....'


And they need to learn not to use terms  like  'quick', 'urgent',  'anwer now' etc.

Melody  Oct 31, 2019

i 100% agree with you Melody... in fact sometimes i feel like people don't even want to learn and that is disrespectful to the answerer considering they took their valuable and precious time to answer one's questions,,,so it's unfair to not be appreciative...like at least say thanks or something don't just copy down the answers. 
like first of all it does not AFFECT the answerer's learning but theirs,,,,instead of taking answers they could use that question to learn how to do that topic and then apply their knowledge to other problems similar to the one they were struggling on. In my opinion, people should learn and not just like you know what i mean LOL :') 

Nirvana  Oct 31, 2019

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