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The figure shows a carpeted room. How many square feet of the room are carpeted?

A polygon that is a part of a rectangle is shown with perpendicular sides. The base is labeled 14 feet. The side on the left is labeled 9 feet. The side on top is labeled 4 feet, and the side adjacent to it on the right is labeled 3 feet

 Mar 21, 2019

Am I supposed to take the queare and strike it to make a square and a rectangle and thefind the area of the sqare and the area of the rectangle by


Area of Square = 4*3= 12 

Area of Rectangle is = 9*14= 9*14 = 126


and then take there areas



so first 

126+12 = 138


then divided 138 by 1/2 right = 


and then I get my answer????

 Mar 21, 2019

We can how many square feet/Area of this quaderatiearal by breaking it down into smaller shapes we can can solve for the area by breaking it into two shapes actuallywhen the main rectangle pushes up we can cut that one off and find the area for it first  



Little Rectangle 

\(4 * 3 = 12\)

Are current area is twelve now 





Now we can move on to the bigger rectangle 


bigger rectangle 

\(6 * 14 = 84\)



\(12 + 84 = 96\) 



So are total area is 96 Square Feet

 Mar 21, 2019

Oh so no 1/2 adding cool thanks I get sometimes confused with 1/2 part thanks.


Nickolas  Mar 21, 2019

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