I'm not sure if it was me reading the question wrong or something but my answer is wrong.


A standard deck of cards has 52 cards divided into 4 suits, each of which has 13 cards. Two of the suits (and, called 'hearts' and 'diamonds') are red, the other two (and, called 'spades' and 'clubs') are black. The cards in the deck are placed in random order (usually by a process called 'shuffling'). In how many ways can we pick two different cards? (Order matters, thus ace of spades followed by jack of diamonds is different than a jack of diamonds followed by ace of spades.)


I got 2651 by multiplying 52*51 but it said that I got it wrong. Can anyone help?

 Apr 27, 2019

52 x 51 = 2652


You multiplied an even number by an integer and obtained an odd number... Impressive!

 Apr 27, 2019

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