hey everyone.

how're you all?


actually, i really really really wanted to post a "laghing post" , which i mostly do , and it consists of stories , jokes etc. But lately i havent been really feeling good, i mean i just feel so guilty and sad inside.Since this forum doesnt permit to get into politics, i would just say a bit, everybody knows whats going on in the United Stated, United Kingdom, and other countries, colonial tensions are everywhere, countries like Syria are being bombed and many children , innocents are being killed and its just so saddening. I, i would post that "laugh post" but i feel such a guilt of laughing and enjoying when so many deaths are taking place.




If you look even at one picture then you would just want away. i know many of you would be thing "why are you so bothered , dont think about it , dont look at it " but its the reality, you cant ignore that.can you? i feel so sad thta i am eating , sleeping and enjoying in my house , under roof , fed on time and those poor children who didnt even know who they really were were just killed like that. it just makes me so sad that i would rather prefer dying instead of writing a fake " ROFLOL" and not really laughing.




The post i make which is mostly the length of a train consist my true feelings and is really meant to spread true happiness and raise a spark of joy among all of you and inside me aswell.i write it when i cant control the amount of joy inside my heart and i cant write it now , my hands start shaking and my eyes start filling and my herat starts calling me bad things even if im writing a " Laugh  {nl} Out Loud" and trying to laugh. i just cant even laugh now.



Its not only becoz i belong to the same religion but i'm also a human and it hurts me so much to see the end of humanity.it just makes me , so sad.


So anyways, i wanted to say i wouldnt be able to write it. i know , just as much you want to see , read and share my thoughts , that much even i want to do it , but i cant becoz inside im not really cheerful.




Btw, i wnated to mention, im sure all of you say two or three words atleast of a prayer. If we cnat donate , go out there and help those poor families, atleast we can say a small prayer for their safety. i think thats the least we can do.Nobody knows the power of prayers, at one point of our life, prayers and blessing are all we need, so please every night along with your daily prayer, just say a small prayer for the safety of all those innocents. 




And if you cnat even do that , i.e. just syaing two words of a prayer then atleast say a prayer for our forum friend MathsGod, i hope hes alright and is not facing any kind of problem, i hope his family is alright, MathsGod likes in the UK, i just hope he is fine and all his family members are too. Please atleast pray for him, since he our beloved friend right?...or is it that the media and the politicians have brain washed that aswell?






Thank you very much for all your support




rosala  Dec 27, 2015
edited by rosala  Dec 27, 2015

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Hello Rosala,

You really cannot take all the World's problems on your shoulders.

You are right, there are many people suffering horrible attrocities in many parts of the World.  There always has been since the begining of 'civilization'.  But there are also many people living in well adjusted, happy communities.  People like you and me.  There are many many of us.  The whole World is not suffering. 

If it were not for the vaste media network you would not even know about all these suffering people.  Some people have always suffered under tyranny and war but now their voices can at least, to a small extent, be heard.  

This means that the World at large can offer some tiny amount of help. It also means that people like yourself must learn to control their emotional responses to the knowledge of these terrible things.


Perhaps you could put your efforts into planning how you may help, either now, perhaps by fundraising, or more likely, in the future.  Perhaps you may consider becoming a doctor or a nurse and vulunteering your services when you are trained.   Or you could become a Laywer and help them by means of international Law.  Or you could be a builder or a farmer, or a great many onther professions where your services would be invaluable.  There are many things that you can do to help, but being miserable about it really does not help the suffering people at all.

Perhaps writing about it can help.  You like writing.  Perhaps you can become a journalist.  Your writing could make the voices of the sufferers heard just a little better, perhaps this may lead to others being able to help just a little bit more .........




Have you heard from MathsGod at all?   I also hope that he is safe and happy and I would also really like him to return ://

Melody  Dec 27, 2015

Thank you Melody, i really didnt think of those ideas.I will think more about what i have to become when i grow up. Thank you.


No i ghavent heard from mathsgod since a long time, thats why i just wish he is alright. have you?

rosala  Dec 27, 2015

No I have not heard from MathsGod for a long time.

It is not unusual that kids move on but his departure did seem very sudden.

I expect he is alright but I also would very much like him to return :(

Melody  Dec 27, 2015

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