A cereal company is having a promotion; inside each cereal box, there is a pair
of dice. The cereal box has dimensions 25 cm by 12 cm by 42 cm. The dice are
cubes with side length 3 cm. How much cereal can fit in each cereal box after
the dice are placed inside?

 Apr 11, 2020

The volume of the box can be found by using:  V  =  length x width x height

                                                                           V  =  25 cm x 12 cm x 42 cm  =  12,600 cubic centimeters.


Now, we need to find the volume of the pair of dice and subtract this from the volume of the box.

We can use the same formula as we used (above) to find the volume of one of the dice:


     V  =  length x width x height

     V  =  3 cm x 3 cm x 3 cm  =  27 cubic centimeters for each die.


To find the volume of both dice, we will multiply this answer by 2:  2 x 27  =  54 cubic centimetrs


Subtracting  12,600 - 54  =  12,546 cubic centimeters are remaining for the cereal.

 Apr 11, 2020

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