Im trying to figure out an equation for a problem. I start with a base number of 1.02 but would like to raise it 2%, each time by the previous 2% up to 19 additional times from the start. So the third one would be (1.02x1.02)1.02. Would it just be (1.02x1.02)1.02^18.

Guest Apr 21, 2017

I realized this is a horrible example as its 1.02^19. I was wondering how it would work if it was like 1.5 and i wanted to raise it 2% and then 2% more by the previous outcome. I'm the original poster.

Guest Apr 21, 2017
edited by Guest  Apr 21, 2017

Same procedure


1.5 (1.02)^n      where n is the number of exponentiations  [ increases ]



cool cool cool 

CPhill  Apr 21, 2017

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