1. In a random sample of 74 homeowners in a city, 22 homeowners said they would support a ban on nonnatural lawn fertilizers to protect fish in the local waterways. The sampling method had a margin of error of ±3.1%. SHOW ALL WORK!

A) Find the point estimate.


B) Find the lower and upper limits and state the interval


2. Bob earns $60,000 a year at an accounting firm. Each year, he receives a raise. Bob has determined that the probability that he receives a 10% raise is 0.7, the probability that he earns a 3% raise is 0.2, and the probability that he earns a 2% raise is 0.1. A competing company has offered Bob a similar position for $65,000 a year. Bob wonders if he should take the new job or take his chances with his current job. SHOW ALL WORK!


A) Find the mathematical expectation of the dollar amount of his raise at his current job.


B) Based only on the mathematical expectation found (monetary earnings), should Bob stay at his current job or accept the new job? Explain your reasoning.


3.The mean weight of baby deer at a local zoo is 15.8 lbs, with a standard deviation of 2.4 lbs. A researcher records the weight of the following five baby deer. 14.5 lbs, 16.8 lbs, 15 lbs, 16.4 lbs, and 15.9 lbs. SHOW ALL WORK!

 A) Find 𝑥̅ 

B) Find s

4.Finn’s fish store has 5 tanks of goldfish; each tank holds 40 fish. He collects and inspects 5 fish from each tank and finds that 4 fish have fin rot. Find the estimated number of goldfish in the store that have fin rot. SHOW ALL WORK!

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