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Pick one of the four following scenarios and write a formal email based on the information given. Once you’ve written your email swap with a fellow student, proof-read, and offer feedback.


Once you are finished, use your computer and email account to send the email to your teacher. Be sure to include an appropriate subject line!


Scenario 1:

Acme Metalworks is advertising for a position in their advanced machining department. Write an email to the hiring manager introducing yourself and inquiring about how you can go about applying for the job. Be sure to include information about your education and experience.


Scenario 2:

You've come down with the flu and are going to be missing class for the next 3 days. Write an email to your professor (Professor Xavier) to inform him you'll be missing class and you need to stay caught up on assignments and class materials.


Scenario 3:

Your new cell phone has been nothing but problems, the reception cuts out, the screen flickers, and your service provider refuses to replace it. Write an email to the Vice President of customer relations (Don Knotts) explaining your situation and what you would like the company to do to resolve it.


Scenario 4:

Your teacher has given you a grade on a project that you feel is unfair. Write an email to your teacher explaining why you are upset and explaining why you think the grade should be changed.

 Feb 23, 2021

While you'll have to write the email yourself, here's some tips about email etiquette:




In short, be concise and be polite.

 Feb 23, 2021

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