I need help with my homework. Ok the question is: How do you round 5 and 1/8 to the nearest whole number? Thx ^^

Guest Feb 22, 2017

Look at the fraction: 1/8. 1 is less than half of 8, so 1/8 is less than half of 1. If you have 1/8th of a cookie, you have less than half of one cookie. So 5 and 1/8 rounds down to just 5.


If the numerator is less than half the denominator, just drop the fraction. If the numerator is greater than or equal to the denominator, round up by adding one to the whole number.


For example: 7 and 9/10 rounds up to 8 because 9 is bigger than 5. 9/10ths of a cookie is almost a whole cookie. If you have a cookie and break it into ten pieces, nine of them is almost all of it. So 7 and 9/10ths cookies is almost 8 cookies.


Hope this made sense :)

hectictar  Feb 22, 2017

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