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 Mar 13, 2019
edited by GAMEMASTERX40  Mar 15, 2019

I think that you have already been given the answers to many of these. 

So it is time for you to start learning how to do them.


I will give you some examples that will help.


\(5^{1/2}=\sqrt5\\ 7^{-3}=\frac{1}{7^{+3}}\\ \\~\\ 8^{3/2}=(8^3)^{1/2}=(8^{1/2})^3\)



Now think about it and you tell me what  these are equal to.


\(1) \;\; 2^{-1/2}\\ 2) \;\; 2^{-3/2}\\ and \\ 3) \;\;b^{1/2}\)



Please no one answer over me

 Mar 13, 2019

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