i need quick help with this math equasion

analize me this math equazion 

what is y-1-2y=y+1-3y

 Jun 7, 2017


In this equation, your eventual goal is to isolate y. Let's see how to do this:

\(y-1-2y=y+1-3y\) Simplify both sides of the equation by combining like terms. In this case, the linear terms can be combined to simplify things
\(-y-1=-2y+1\) Add to both sides of the equation. Doing this will have a that will cancel on the left hand side. 
\(-1=-y+1\) Subtract 1 from both sides
\(-2=-y\) Divide by -1 to get rid of the negative sign on the y.


If you are ever pondering about whether or not this answer is correct, plug the answer you got into your equation and see if the statement is true. :


\(y-1-2y=y+1-3y\) Replace all instances of a with a 2
\(2-1-2*2=2+1-3*2\) Simplify and see if the statement is true
\(-3=-3\) Indeed, this is a true statement. 


Therefore, \(y=2\) is the correct and only correct solution for the given equation

 Jun 7, 2017
edited by TheXSquaredFactor  Jun 7, 2017

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