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A pizza is cut into slices that are each 1/6 of the whole. John is going to eat 1/2 of the whole pizza.


How many slices will John eat?

 Mar 25, 2019

This is more of a fractional problem I am assuming you are new to this so I will show you what you need to do  




Denominator: the number on the bottom of a fraction that shows how much to equal a whole 


Numerator: The number on top of a fraction that shows how much is in the fraction or how much you have of the denominator. 


noiw we are asked how many slices did John eat if he ate 1/2 of the entire pizza 


and we know the pizza is divided into sixths so what we can do is divded the denominators together  so 


\(\frac{6}{2} = 3\) so six divdied by two equals three 



so now we know john ate three slices of pizza.

 Mar 25, 2019

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